The TUFF website is finally here!

That's a huge achievement for us, considering it was only one year ago that we decided to partner with our first client. We felt a little bit like that kid, new to the neighborhood pool, dipping just our big toe in. We weren’t sure we could leave the corporate agency life, roll up our sleeves, take on some risk, and deliver something useful - turns out, we can!

After 6+ years in the marketing world, we were ready to cannonball. We woke up and realized we could be the best versions of ourselves through Tuff. We have this unique opportunity to make a big impact on growing companies while learning quickly and we're eager to continue on that exponential path. 

So for us it all started with curiosity. We were curious about building projects and campaigns that earn the right to growth and wanted to bring transparency to every step of a client relationship. And when you’re curious about something and willing to learn more, everything happens very naturally. In fact, it was a completely organic process. It wasn’t something we forced ourselves into. 

Before we knew it, we had partnered with over 45+ companies across all industries. We’ve made mistakes and learned from them and those challenges made us better marketers. We’ve helped a lot of businesses and we’re ready to help more. 

Today, Tuff is more motivated than ever. We’re motivated to take it to the next level, to help more people, put more time in and deliver more useful services to you. 

For those of you who are reading this, big welcome high-five to you! We are looking forward to sharing great things with you in the future.

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