Consistently Using Social Channels Before Starting Facebook Advertising

When it comes to paid social advertising for small businesses, we know that starting paid campaigns from scratch can be hard.

That’s why whenever a new client comes to Tuff asking for help with paid Facebook or Instagram campaigns, one of the first questions on our intake form is “How often are you posting regularly to your existing social channels today?”

We know that when it comes to successful paid social having a consistent organic presence can help deliver massive results.

In this post, we’ve outlined some easy and actionable tactics to get your organic channels running efficiently so you can take full advantage of pay per click when you’re ready.

Consistently using social channels

Consistently using social channels is the first step in any paid social effort because it is a foundational step for the paid activities that follow. Establishing a brand voice, curating owned and shared content for your audience, having a reliable presence and engaging with your community are critical as you take the next steps to send more people to your social channels and website. 

Engagement, not just a megaphone

To be seen and heard on social media (organically), you need to create and share content that engages your fans. The number of engagement on your social media posts influences the number of people who would see them.

If many people engage with your post, social media algorithms will take it as a sign that your post is interesting and will more likely show that post to more people. If there are few interactions (or many negative interactions such as “Hide post” on Facebook) on your post, social media algorithms will assume it is uninteresting, irrelevant, or not useful and not show it to as many people. The more positive interactions on your posts, the more people you will reach on social media.

With the ultimate goal of getting more visitors to the site, engagement and interaction is key. Socialbakers studied 30,000 Facebook posts by over 2,700 businesses and found that the more interactions a Page has, the higher the traffic to its website.

You don’t have to be on every channel!

It’s important to think about your audience and understand where they are spending their time. Start with fewer channels, get focused, and deliver quality content.

Many of the clients we work with don’t have full in-house marketing teams, so trying to keep multiple social channels up, active, and running isn’t an option. Instead of spreading your resources across all social media platform, put your effort into the one or two channels that are going to bring you the biggest return on your time and effort.

Helpful Tools

Here are some of our favorite resources to help you maintain a consistent presence on social:


Tracking your organic results can bring significant insights to paid efforts. You’ll get a better idea of what content is resonating with your audience, who is engaging with your content, and a better understanding of how many clicks you are driving to your website. When it comes to tracking your social channels, here are a few tips:

And that’s it! Those are some of the simple things you can do to consistently use social channels for your business - and when you’re ready to take things to the next level with paid social, Tuff is here to help.

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