Arkansas Pet Cremation

Tripling Conversion Rates with Landing Pages and Adwords.


Pet cremation in Arkansas was being dominated by two local players. Arkansas Pet Cremation wanted to earn a larger share of the market and show up more regularly in search above these competitors. Not only did Arkansas Pet Cremation want to use Adwords to get the phone ringing more frequently, they also wanted to increase their lead conversion rate.

“We've been very happy with Tuff, they are great at quickly jumping in and getting our marketing system working and generating new business from our target customers." — Erik Shollmier, owner of Arkansas Pet Cremation​

Arkansas Pet Cremation hired Tuff to collaborate with their marketing partner to create and optimize a high-converting product specific landing page. By using a landing page, we were able to direct the right message to the right visitor with a stronger CTA - this reduced the bounce rate and increased conversions. After developing the landing page, Tuff then organized an Adwords campaigns into clear effective ad groups that would drive quality clicks at a low cost. The process was simple, fast, and easy—and the results high-quality: 

  • Increased conversion rate by 235% percent - from averaging 2.13% per month to 7.14% per month 
  • Tripled conversions from paid Google campaigns 
  • Increased sales dramatically over previous years - fuelling a geographic expansion of the business

"Tuff has really been able to jump in quickly and deliver significant results in terms of improved lead generation and cheaper cost to acquire, we continue to expand our marketing efforts as I know they will deliver!" — Shollmier

Tools and Techniques Leveraged:

  • AdWords
  • Keyword Planner
  • Geo Targeting
  • Geo Based Bid Adjustments
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • CallRail
  • Unbounce
  • Conversion Tracking
  • UTM Tracking Codes

Client Info

Arkansas Pet Cremation offers pet cremation services in Little Rock Arkansas. Erik and his team believe that all pets deserve to be treated ethically with respect and dignity after they pass on. That’s the foundation of who they are at Arkansas Pet Cremation. You can count on their team to treat your best friend with nothing less than compassion and professionalism.