Cultivating A Loyal Community with Smart Content and Targeted Outreach Strategies


As a growing NYC marketplace startup, Roomi was eager to ramp up their community outreach and to connect deeply with new and existing users. Roomi looked to Tuff to outline a thorough, action packed content and community strategy before bringing on full-time resources to build upon and execute the plan.

Roomi hired Tuff to collaborate with their team of marketing managers and designers to deliver a fully stacked content and community marketing strategy. Tuff delivered actionable and practical tactics designed to accurately capture the attention of Roomi’s market segments and grow user demand.

“When you’re starting out building a marketplace, it can be costly to hire a team right out of the gate. Working with the team at Tuff helped us get our content and community channels up and running while we got a better understanding of the full time resources we needed for the long term.” — Ajay, Founder and CEO of Roomi

This strategy project focused on two key areas: generating relevant content and reaching the right influencers by building relationships.

A focused content strategy helps businesses prepare and plan for reliable and cost-effective sources of website traffic as well as new leads. In order to boost SEO rankings and get more visitors to the site, Roomi needed to maintain a healthy flow of content on the blog and website.

Content Marketing Strategy deliverables:

  • Blog post categories and prioritization
  • Content calendar template
  • Call to action (CTA) strategy list

A PR and community building strategy helps build long-lasting relationships with a web-focused community likely to try online services, increase the audience for Roomi content and form close relationships with people who are in a position to cover Roomi in the press. The focus of this tactic was a step-by-step targeted outreach strategy.

Targeted Outreach Strategy deliverables:

  • Tweetdeck setup: for monitoring @mentions, keywords, community Twitter lists
  • Engagement Pipeline Spreadsheet (link to Engagement Pipeline Spreadsheet)
  • Online community outreach steps

The Tuff team has helped build marketplaces internally and as consultants, including thisopenspace, Hipcamp, Roomi, and Divine Spaces. Let us help you solve your current roadblocks.

Client Info

Roomi is passionate about helping people find the right home. As a marketplace, they connect future roommates every day. The Roomi team wakes up every morning to help apartment hunters find flexible, affordable housing and connect with roommates to make big cities feel like home.