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Landing Page or Homepage? Where To Send Your Paid Traffic

Think your homepage is good enough to send paid traffic to? Think again. First of all, what is the difference between a homepage and a landing page? A homepage is the central focus of your website It’s used as the front facing asset for the various forms of traffic coming to your business.   A homepage is […]

How To Scale User Growth Using Facebook Ads

We sometimes get questions about how other clients work with Tuff to reach their growth goals — so we’re sharing some stories to help bring our services to life. Meet Fresh Meal Plan. Fresh Meal Plan is a healthy meal delivery service located in South Florida. Looking to find traction in the Florida market and […]

How Good is Your Paid Advertising, Really?

How does your paid advertising stack up, compared to your competitors? Where does it fall compared to other businesses where your customers spend money? Whether you’re doing PPC for the first time or your company has been running campaigns for years, it can be daunting to know whether or not you’re doing a good job. […]