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How We Learned From 1,000 Customers in One Afternoon

Customer research at scale is hard. When you hear phrases like ‘big data’ or ‘quantifiable data’, it can feel paralyzing to know where to start. I can almost instantaneously feel my eyebrows furrowing and my brain pleading for coffee when I try to keep up with the latest marketing trend or ‘best practice’. There’s so […]

Facebook Ad Copywriting Strategies to Try Today

As I sit down for the afternoon, I’ve blocked off a few hours for Facebook ad copywriting. As an agency, we’re fortunate to run and test quite a few Facebook ads every week. This means lots of copywriting opportunities and the need for fresh inspiration. “Brevity is the soul of wit.” — Shakespeare “A word after […]

A Step-by-Step Guide for Testing a Chatbot in 2019

It’s pretty dang hard to get around the internet these days without hearing about chatbots and ‘the future of AI’. It’s a hot topic and something we’re pretty excited about. I’m pretty strict about what I subscribe to and here is my inbox filtering for AI (so not including emails using chatbot specifically). We’ve been […]