Find traction and scale growth with unbeatable PPC management 

Tuff will grow your business with less hassle, risk, and cost by executing PPC strategies that work. 

Powered by communication

We work as an extension of your team. We collaborate with you online, within project management tools, to provide great paid advertising on-demand. You and your team always know what's going on with every campaign every minute. No more guessing about results and deliverables.

Looking for a paid advertising team that gets s**t done? Tuff is here to help. 

$3.5M managed a year and counting...with a 95% retention rate. 

Value drivers ≠ service providers.

We believe the future of paid advertising agencies is in being value providers, rather than service providers. Our team works hard, moves fast, and partners with you to deliver results. It's the reason our average client review sounds like this: 

Focused on teamwork 

We have customers who’ve been with us for years. Because we learn your business over time, we’re well suited to use email lists, fix tracking issues, and craft re-targeting promos to ensure relevant ads reach the right people year over year. 

Dedicated to ROI

We don’t waste your time or budget targeting social channels that don’t perform. We always start by partnering with you to define your goals, then assemble the perfect mix of channels to deliver the right results. Our team will create ads that stand out, refine your targeting, and A/B test to continuously improve. 

Ready to increase your sales-qualified leads?

A Tuff PPC analyst will analyze your existing PPC campaign and present your top growth opportunities over a 30-minute strategy session. A $1,500 value free for a limited time.

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“Not only are they a true pleasure to work with, they achieve phenomenal results. Highly recommend Tuff to people that are committed to growing their business.” - Lil Roberts, Xendoo CEO

"The entire team at Tuff has been incredible since day one. We were hesitant having a team that was out of our office and especially across the country but it truly feels like they are a part of our company. Tuff is always available when we need and takes a true pride of ownership in everything they do." - Carlos Saez, COO at Property Force

Real-time Partnership

Transparent updates and check-ins mean you’re never in the dark.

We've optimized hundreds of accounts for companies large and small, and we're ready to work with you. Our team will prioritize high-impact ppc campaigns to quickly drive R.O.I. and key learnings, then invest in additional campaigns to scale up what works.

A Proven Approach

Want insight into our process? Our approach is engineered so you are never in the dark. We communicate often, share documents, and collaborate in real time. Here’s what a typical first three months looks like with Tuff: 

"Tuff is like an extension of my marketing team.  While we have the spend level to work with a larger agency, we choose Tuff because they understand our marketing objectives and work with us relentlessly to achieve or exceed them." - David Kaplan, CMO at WatchBox

Our people make the difference.

We're an extension of your team. 

We care deeply about all of our your business goals, not just one marketing channel.

We have diverse professional backgrounds, letting us provide value in unexpected areas.

We're real. We have dogs in the background of video calls and we're going to ask about your family.