Impactful digital and growth marketing, done for and with you.

What We Do

Tuff removes the confusing twists and turns of digital and growth marketing by creating, managing, measuring and optimizing high-performing digital marketing campaigns. This means you can focus more on building your product and customer relationships.


Paid Digital Advertising

Engage your audience, grow your leads, and increase your conversion rates with Adwords, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Our team has managed and optimized over 2 million dollars in pay-per-click advertising spend for clients in nearly every industry. 

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Marketing Strategy

The big picture as well as the short and long term goals, and the framework to ensure we get where we need to go. Use data and analytics to benchmark your marketing goals and measure progress on marketing tactics. 

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Customer Experience

Pair acquisition with a focus on customer experience and retention to make your marketing efforts worth it. We can help you set up an efficient support team, funnel customer feedback, set key metrics, and more.

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What Tuff Has Learned From Smart Display Campaigns: Part 1

Smart Display Campaigns are a newer feature in Google that appear as a done-for-you option to the historically nebulous google display network. You give Google a handful of creatives and a budget and machine learning does the rest, literally. 

Bid adjustments? Google.

But who will the ads target? Don’t worry, Google’s on it.

This blog post is Part 1 of our experience with Smart Display Campaigns, detailing the setup and initial results.

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